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Speaking at the 2018 Degreed LENS conference, Jean-Marc Laouchez draws on his experience as president of the New York Korn Ferry Institute and a leader of the Korn Ferry Academy to make a robust business case for investing in learning and development (L&D). He urges organizations to adopt a new paradigm that integrates learning, purposeful living and work. Laouchez challenges leaders with this charge: “My call to action is making learning work.”  


Business executives often feel they must choose between prioritizing profits or developing people. Even firms that value talent typically rate it as a “secondary” concern. However, leaders don’t have to choose between profits and talent. Consider the following:

  • “The extraordinary need for learning” – The work world will transform by 2030. Some “85% of jobs that…will exist in 2030 don’t exist today.” As new jobs emerge with fresh requirements, most of the world faces a massive skills shortage that will cost businesses more than $8 trillion in “lost opportunities.” A survey of Fortune’s 2017 “World’s Most Admired Companies” ...

About the Speaker

Jean-Marc Laouchez heads New York’s Korn Ferry Institute and leads the Korn Ferry Academy.

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