How Walmart Is Helping Its Associates Achieve Healthier Habits

How Walmart Is Helping Its Associates Achieve Healthier Habits

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The COVID-19 crisis elevated the organizational role of HR to new levels, especially when it came to taking care of people’s safety and well-being. In this informative podcast discussion, host and HR thought leader David Green talks with Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and one of Huffington’s clients, Chief People Officer at Walmart, Donna Morris, about how to make employee well-being programs effective. Their smart, substantive exchange offers numerous tips for creating or bolstering your workplace wellness program.


The COVID-19 crisis elevated the role of HR and Chief People Officers.

The foremost priority of Chief People Officers during the pandemic was to ensure business continuity. At Walmart, this meant continuing to serve its customers. A prerequisite for being able to do so, however, was to ensure the well-being of its employees. This included taking steps to keep on-site employees physically safe, as well as looking after employees’ emotional and financial well-being.

Walmart teamed up with Thrive to implement wellness initiatives for its employees – many of whom were busy meeting essential needs in their communities during the pandemic.

Successful wellness initiatives focus on building healthy habits through incremental behavior change.

Walmart’s well-being initiative during the pandemic focused on helping hundreds of thousands of associates build healthy habits through incremental behavior modifications. The...

About the Podcast

Arianna Huffington is the founder and CEO of Thrive Global. Donna Morris is the Chief People Officer at Walmart. David Green is the host of the podcast, Digital HR Leaders.

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