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Many organizations fail to get the best from their employees. Rather than mobilize people’s creativity, passion and resilience to encourage innovation and engagement, their bureaucratic management models hamper or actively discourage these valuable attributes. In this session of Hacking HR, management consultant and professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School Gary Hamel explores the problems caused by bureaucratic workplaces and offers practical advice on how to create an organization that is “fit for human beings” and, therefore, fit for the future.

About the Speaker

HR Innovation and Future of Work is a workshop series run by Hacking HR, a global community of HR and business leaders, practitioners, consultants and technologists. Gary Hamel is the director of Management Innovation eXchange, a business thinker, and visiting professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School.


Many of today’s workplaces fail to harness three vital human strengths: creativity, passion and resilience.

Human beings are intrinsically creative, resilient and passionate. You can see the results of people’s creativity every day just by looking at platforms such as YouTube or Instagram or scrolling through projects on Kickstarter or Wefunder. Yet over two-thirds of employees in large organizations say that their employer does not welcome or encourage new ideas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that around 70% of American jobs leave little or no scope for people’s imagination.

Human beings are also generally open to change if they feel it will improve things. Yet many organizations are slow to embrace change and successfully deal with disrupters, such as digital downloads in the music industry or electric cars in the automotive industry. Organizations...

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