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As the head of HR at Netflix, Patty McCord shaped the company’s culture of innovation. Her ideas about fostering innovative teams are gospel in Silicon Valley. In this bold presentation, she challenges managers and employers to rethink the employee handbook and to pay more than lip service to empowering workers. Start here if you’re seeking to build an enthusiastic, visionary team.


HR specialist Patty McCord cut her teeth at Netflix, a company devoted to nurturing innovation. Silicon Valley has a reputation for providing fun work environments – replete with perks such as hammocks, bartenders and epicurean restaurants – that aim to inspire innovative thinking. Yet even in Promethean start-up tech companies, HR practices have evolved little in recent decades. For instance, the gender pay gap is still an issue, and women are uncomfortable asking for raises. Women who accept a starting salary of, say, 20% less than their open-market value will never catch up, because companies have rigid pay frameworks. So if you feel...

About the Speaker

Patty McCord headed HR at Netflix for 14 years. She created the Silicon Valley HR manual Netflix Culture Deck.

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