Summary of A Practical Guide to Assessment Centres and Selection Methods

Measuring Competency for Recruitment and Development

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A Practical Guide to Assessment Centres and Selection Methods book summary
How do you promote and hire top talent? By creating and delivering a well-designed assessment center.


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Poor hiring decisions take a toll on a company. Increasingly, businesses are implementing a wider variety of assessment tools to achieve better results in their hiring and promotion processes. Occupational psychologist Ian Taylor shows how assessment centers (or suites) can help your firm differentiate the “good” performers from the “average” ones, which is crucial knowledge for building a more productive workforce. Taylor presents several methods for designing a solid “competence framework” to structure your assessments, including one useful seven-step system. He helpfully provides sample frameworks and activities that you can use or adapt in your own assessment centers. Although some of his information and guidelines are specific to organizations in the U.K., getAbstract recommends this manual to any human resources professional who wants to create a well-planned assessment center.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What assessment centers are
  • How to develop a “competence framework” in seven steps
  • What skills effective assessors possess
  • How to select the right activities for your assessment center


What Are Assessment Centers?
Human resources (HR) professionals must navigate intricate legal guidelines and company policies when hiring or promoting people. The old approach of using résumés to winnow a list of job candidates and then hiring based on an interview is not enough. Implementing...
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About the Author

Ian Taylor is an occupational psychologist with more than 20 years of practical experience in management development.

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