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In this new, revised version of their 2002 book, Journeys to the Emerald City, management consultants Roger Connors and Tom Smith offer wisdom, anecdotes and facts to help you modify your organizational culture for positive business results. The authors discuss change, culture, and people by providing three-step programs, five-principle approaches, three-level matrices, and a pyramid. The authors employ multiple models because they address elements of the workplace that are as intangible as they are important. As Connors and Smith are fond of saying, “Either you will manage the culture, or it will manage you.” This is proven true even though formulas and jargon occasionally muffle their sound methods and useful message. getAbstract recommends this book to CEOs, executives, human resources professionals, parents and anyone running a team who wants better results.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to connect results and accountability,
  • How to influence people to take action by shaping their beliefs, and
  • How to use leadership skills to align your organization around a common goal.

About the Authors

Management consultants Roger Connors and Tom Smith co-wrote Journeys to the Emerald City, The Oz Principle and How Did That Happen?



“Creating a Culture of Accountability”
As a leader, you must be alert to “organizational culture,” which is comprised of workers’ thoughts and actions. Ignoring culture is risky, because failing to shape your culture keeps your team from achieving improved results. You form culture by ...

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    Fernando Ronquillo 9 months ago
    Very very good!!!
  • Avatar
    Fernando Ronquillo 9 months ago
    Very very good!!!
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    Blesilda Sicat 3 years ago
    Very good! Culture of excellence!
  • Avatar
    null 7 years ago
    all the best for your effort
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    Guest 7 years ago
    Great practical advise for anyone who wants to bring a cultural change to their business environment or personal lives to ultimately provide positive results. I agree with the actions they recommend that will lead to those desired results. For example, avoiding to manage by dictate - if you want genuine change and not a series of actions that people check off to please you. Has anyone applied these principles and obtained these results? "Remember, culture changes one person at a time, and the effort to change people's beliefs is worth it."
    • Avatar
      amy Cooper 7 years ago
      Agreed, very practical suggestions that are "actionable".

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