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Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Training book summary
All the information you need to run a top-notch training program, from A to Z.


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As the title suggests, this book, leaves no stone unturned. From checking the thermostat in the training room to motivating and engaging employees, authors Kaye Thorne and David Mackey cover every detail of how to set up successful training programs. Good companies build strong cultures based on shared values, fairness, open communication and a desire to develop the best employees. Thorne and Mackey urge you to take an honest look at your organization, and strive to create an environment in which employees are enthusiastic and anxious to apply the new skills they’ve learned. That will enable you to develop an employer brand that resonates with workers and consumers, and sets an example for your peers. Although the book does not have a great deal of original material, the sheer volume of information makes this a valuable resource for trainers, and for companies that already conduct training or are considering implementing it. getAbstract believes that every training professional can benefit from this book, though it seems particularly well suited for those who are new to the field.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to understand learning styles, and create and implement an effective training program;
  • What can prevent you from being successful; and
  • Why evaluation is a critical component of training.


Lay a Foundation for Quality Training
Two primary factors typically determine the success of training or coaching initiatives: the trainer’s expertise, and the kind of organizational support he or she receives. Corporate managers must create an environment in which employees are enthusiastic...
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About the Authors

Kaye Thorne is a talent coach, consultant and author of books on coaching. David Mackey is an independent training consultant and has worked for Unisys.

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