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Finding and Keeping Great Employees book summary
Don’t blame the labor shortage for employee defections — It’s the culture, stupid.


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Job seekers and job holders alike tend to think they’re National Football League free-agents when it comes to getting and keeping jobs in this low unemployment era. Thus, corporations can find it very tempting to act like football teams - throw money at recruits, throw money at employees with wanderlust - and then throw up their hands when people leave. No need for all that, say authors Jim Harris and Joan Brannick. Finding and keeping great employees isn’t about winning the bidding, it’s about getting to the source of employee alienation and rebuilding connections among people, their jobs, their lives and your company. getAbstract recommends this book to employees, especially unhappy ones, and to human resources professionals of all stripes, from recruiters to compensation analysts to development specialists, and even football coaches.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What reasons lie behind employee turnover;
  • Which eight steps will help you find suitable staff members
  • Which eight steps will make them stay.


Disconnection and Alignment
Push someone hard through a revolving door, and they are likely to end up where they started - on the outside looking in. Despite lavish recruiting programs and gargantuan signing bonuses, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain...
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About the Authors

Jim Harris, Ph.D., is president of the James Harris Group. He is author of Getting Employees to Fall in Love With Your Company. Joan Brannick , Ph.D., is president of Brannick Human Resources Connections.

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