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A Roadmap for Restructuring the Training Function

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Future Training book summary
Why it’s time to overhaul corporate training: If you don’t think your program is effective, make it better. Here’s how.


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James S. Pepitone, a pioneer in the transformation of workplace training, wants companies to get their money’s worth from this vital yet often ill-used activity. To that end, he developed “Humaneering,” a training concept focused on helping workers attain top performance and productivity. Pepitone based his approach on synthesizing “more than 100 scientific laws, theories and models concerning human behavior, technology transfer, organizational learning, performance improvement, organizational productivity and managed change.” Clearly, making this mix work is a bold, ambitious undertaking. Pepitone repeatedly warns that his book is difficult to read. This is not necessary. He is a strong writer and extremely knowledgeable, though perhaps too negative about current training. He presents a logical case for restructuring corporate training. Although he leaves programming specifics up to individual companies, he does provide clear, sensible reasons and goals for change. getAbstract believes that executives, corporate learning officers and training directors will benefit from his insights and suggestions.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the history of corporate training reveals
  • How training got off track
  • How to revamp training
  • What goals it should meet


Training: Once Tremendous, Now Off the Tracks
Corporate leaders don’t think they get their money’s worth from their investment in training, so they are inclined to cut it back. These executives know their firms can’t compete if their employees don’t learn to work up to their full potential...
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About the Author

James S. Pepitone is a performance-improvement business consultant in Dallas, Texas.

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