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The company you want to work for is profitable. It dominates its competitors. Customers love its products. There’s just one problem: The organization’s culture is a disaster. Its employees hate their jobs, and that’s how you’ll feel if you go to work there. If you don’t learn about the firm’s culture before accepting a position, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Organizational culture consultant Sheila L. Margolis, head of the Workplace Culture Institute, teaches you how to decipher the culture of a firm before you become its newest employee. Her succinct guide includes handy worksheets and “maps” to help you codify your purpose and principles, diagnose a prospective company’s culture and determine if you can flourish there. getAbstract recommends Margolis’ step-by-step, easy to follow workbook to all job applicants and to HR managers seeking to understand their company’s culture in greater depth.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why “cultural fit” matters to employees and companies;
  • How to build a “core culture map” outlining the “purpose, philosophy and priorities” of an organization you might join;
  • How to build a “job seeker map” identifying your “purpose and principles”; and
  • How to compare the two maps to perform a “core cultural fit audit.”

About the Author

Workplace Culture Institute president Sheila L. Margolis, PhD, helps leaders build company cultures that engage employees and retain top talent.



“Cultural Fit”
Companies hire according to two criteria. First, they evaluate if a job applicant is competent to do the job; does he or she have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience? And second, they want to know if the applicant’s values and style match the company’s ways of...

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    li zhao 1 year ago
    1. Very informative and applicable
    2. Unserstand yourself is the most important thing, I think, and it's almost in every aspect of your life. Also the tricky part is it's not easy. But for job seeking, we can narrow the scope related to job only.
  • Avatar
    Paul Misner 2 years ago
    I have been through a job where there was a personal culture clash. Id be interested in hearing how to negotiate through this if leaving isn't an option.
  • Avatar
    Michael Vourakes 2 years ago
    Very useful advice
  • Avatar
    Azra Rizal AZRA.RIZAL@GMAIL.COM 2 years ago
    Very useful advice for college new hires or seasoned suits.

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