Summary of Leadership Development Factbook 2012

Benchmarks and Trends in U.S. Leadership Development

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Leadership Development Factbook 2012 book summary
Compare and contrast: A detailed inside report explains how firms like yours develop their leaders.


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Bersin & Associates, a California-based research and consulting company, has developed an extensive library of up-to-date material on leadership development, corporate learning and talent management. Usually, Bersin provides information only to its “research members” – more than 750,000 human resources, talent and learning professionals worldwide in more than 3,500 client organizations. In this report, Bersin analysts Karen O’Leonard and Laci Loew explain the statistics and trends affecting the current state of leadership development at US firms. If you want a benchmark for your leadership development program based on the latest norms, getAbstract suggests this thorough study. It shows exactly how firms of all sizes develop senior leaders, middle managers and promising executives.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What current research on American corporate leadership development reveals and
  • How your organization can use this information for benchmarking.


Start with Information
Information about leadership development programs around the US provides helpful benchmarks for human resources and learning and development (L&D) professionals, who can use this data to compare their activities against those of similar organizations. The statistics...
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About the Authors

Karen O’Leonard is a principal analyst. Laci Loew works at Bersin & Associates as a senior analyst.

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    Hagen Ladwein 4 years ago
    If Leadership is understood as Team to bring the company to new levels - this summary breaks down what is possible if right done. A very interesting insight worth to be studied and applied whenever possible. The Mix of experiences with role change under the strategic perspective and the 70-20-10 rule for development seems very rational. TX for that summarisation and direct-hit insight.

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