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How to Create a Winning Career...Even When You Don't Fit In!

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Outsiders on the Inside book summary
It’s all right to be an outsider – if you succeed. Learn how.


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Do you look different than your colleagues? Think differently? Act differently? You’re probably an outsider. Possibly you suffer for it. Maybe your co-workers disrespect you. It’s tough to have a good day at work. Perhaps you can’t change whatever makes you different – your skin color, your accent, your body type. And why should you? getAbstract recommends professional outsider David Couper’s book, which explains to all self-professed outsiders how to accept their own uniqueness. Couper says glory in who you are, and turn your otherness into an advantage. He teaches outsiders how to be satisfied at work, present themselves in new ways, get the jobs they want and move inside.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What makes people outsiders; and
  • How outsiders can leverage their differences to achieve maximum work success, satisfaction and happiness.


Don’t Fit In?
Are you a square peg in a round hole? A misfit with your colleagues? Whatever makes you unusual also may make you unhappy at work, particularly if your colleagues don’t accept you. You may hate your job, yet constantly worry you’re going to lose it. The five most common ...
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About the Author

Career coach David Couper is the co-author of 50 Activities for Developing People Skills and George Sees Stars.

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