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Say Goodbye to Your Highly Skilled Job. It’s Now a “Human Intelligence Task.” summary
Crowdworkers are feeding – and thus training – the algorithms that will, eventually, take over their jobs.


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Crowdworking, or outsourcing tasks to an online community, continues to rise, but that may change. Science and technology writer Mark Harris investigates crowdworking, its origin and its future. He suggests that ultimately computers will remove the need for crowdworking when it comes to microtasks such as data entry. Harris concludes that, to survive, the crowdworking industry must upgrade to more interesting tasks. getAbstract recommends this article to business owners and online freelancers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why an online community of workers now does jobs that used to be highly skilled,
  • Why “crowdworking” must change and
  • Why it might not.


Businesses use crowdworking to accomplish many small microtasks. This method of outsourcing reduces business costs by fragmenting large jobs that require expertise (and therefore higher pay) into small, mundane microtasks anyone with a computer and Internet connection can complete. A virtual army of...
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About the Author

Mark Harris is a science and technology writer for The Economist, IEEE Spectrum, The Guardian, Backchannel, MIT Tech Review, New Scientist and other outlets.

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