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How to Design, Implement and Evaluate Effective Mentoring Programmes

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The Complete Guide to Mentoring book summary
That great mentor Yoda told Luke Skywalker: “You have to unlearn what you have learned.”


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Wisdom is neither an accumulation of knowledge nor something you hand off like a baton in a relay race. Business strategist Hilarie Owen aims to close the gap between “power and wisdom” with a comprehensive toolkit designed to help your company create, implement and evaluate a mentoring program. She draws upon research into how individuals can change the way they think about and learn from their experiences to make better decisions. She also examines effective mentoring relationships and outlines the responsibilities of good mentors and “mentees” or protégés. Useful extras include a sample mentoring agreement, a self-quiz to determine your preferred learning style and in-depth case studies. While Owen’s writing style proves a slow read, getAbstract finds plenty of value in this pragmatic, informative guide.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How a mentoring program benefits both an organization and its employees; and
  • How to plan, implement and evaluate a mentoring program.


“The Wisdom of Mentoring”
Organizations should tap into the “wisdom and judgment” their leaders can share with their up-and-coming employees. Your executives’ and managers’ knowledge is a resource with abiding value and benefits, and having them serve as mentors is an effective way to ...
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About the Author

Political scientist, business strategist and author Hilarie Owen is the founder and CEO of the UK-based Institute of Leadership Wales.

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