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The Equality Strategy summary
Tackling inequality takes more than legislation and funding.


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In 2010, the United Kingdom passed its Equality Act to prevent discrimination, but no law can make unfair treatment of women and minority groups disappear. You need to foster social change for that to happen. The Inter Ministerial Group on Equalities, a government agency, takes you through its dense but informative plan for promoting equality in Britain. While always politically neutral, getAbstract recommends this useful report to world leaders as well as anyone concerned about discrimination and equality.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the UK plans to tackle inequality, 
  • What specific programs it’s planning to implement, and 
  • How local communities will play a role in promoting tolerance.


While the United Kingdom has strong equality legislation and is generally tolerant, the government still must address inequalities across gender, race, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity and religion. Five precepts will improve equality: 1) allowing everyone equal treatment and opportunities, 2) empowering people to develop local solutions, 3) promoting transparency, 4) supporting professionals to innovate for tolerance, and 5) modeling equality in government. 

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About the Author

The Inter Ministerial Group on Equalities leads government equality work and legislation in the United Kingdom.

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