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The HR Value Proposition book summary
To transform HR, align it with corporate objectives and strategy. Ask stakeholders what they want – and give it to them.


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This book is ideal for the high-level HR executive who wants to redevelop or transform an HR department into a forward-thinking, strategic part of the parent company. While all HR professionals should read it for the knowledge it offers, creating a value proposition for HR is not simple, as authors Dave Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank would be the first to acknowledge. Even the most innovative, progressive HR professionals would find this extensive menu of changes hard to activate independently. Creating an HR value proposition is an intense, all encompassing reform that requires support and direction from the top down. While HR professionals at any level can see the relevance, wisdom and potential of this new blueprint, a CEO and an HR department head would have to march together to carry out the book’s mission: implementing an HR transformation totally aligned with corporate strategy. getAbstract recommends this tremendous resource to any HR manager or adviser; the higher you are on the HR totem pole, the more you need to read it.

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