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Humanizing Human Capital

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Humanizing Human Capital

Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Returns

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Learn to combine “soft” HR initiatives with hard analytics to create a worker-centric culture that performs.

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HR experts Solange Charas and Stela Lupushor draw on extensive research into thousands of organizations as they discuss humanistic principles for improving employee experience. Going beyond familiar treatments of the topic, the authors describe how to measure “soft” HR initiatives and link them to financial outcomes. Charas and Lupushor combine deep experience in people-centric work cultures with advanced human capital analytics know-how and financial acumen. Leaders will appreciate this practical guide to preparing for the profound workplace changes that lie ahead.


An organization’s success depends on its workers – and data analytics shows how investments in workers build the bottom line.

Two fields of data analytics are emerging that demonstrate the value of workers to their organizations and quantify how investments in workers influence the bottom line. People analytics measures the performance of HR programs at the level of the individual or group – for example, how much investments in training improve job performance. Human capital analytics measures HR investments in terms of their impact on corporate financial performance, via metrics such as human capital return on investment (HCROI) and HR Value Added.

Human capital analytics links investments in workers – even so-called soft investments such as in well-being or mentoring – to the bottom line, allowing senior executives, HR leaders and the board to make better investment decisions. Both people analytics and human capital analytics matter a great deal because workers account for the majority of costs in nearly every type of organization. And when organizations treat their workers well – when they humanize the workplace – HCROI soars. In other words, what you ...

About the Authors

Solange Charas is the founder and CEO of Charas Consulting and HCMoneyball. Stela Lupushor is a senior fellow and program director of human capital at The Conference Board. She founded the HR consultancy Reframe.Work.

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