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While pondering management in the digital age, social philosopher Charles Handy draws examples from his own illustrious career. Using a pleasant though meandering style, Handy addresses how digital technologies enable people to shape their own destinies and examines what challenges this shift presents. getAbstract recommends Handy’s warm, insightful talk to recruitment managers and to young graduates embarking on their career paths.


In 2015, management guru Charles Handy received a plea for help from a recruitment manager at a large global corporation. The firm had attended several career fairs to recruit bright, promising young employees, and it successfully identified many talented individuals. Yet despite the firm’s attractive working conditions and remuneration, none of the recent college graduates wanted to work at the company. According to Handy, these wunderkinder turn down lucrative corporate offers because they want to “shape their own destinies.” They are “guerrilla fighters” who don’t want to enlist in a tedious “regimented army” that predetermines their career...

About the Speaker

Charles Handy wrote The Second Curve and several other books on organizational behavior and management.

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