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I, for One, Welcome Our AI Overlords summary
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Blogger Mark Manson seeks to convey a sense of ease about the rapid advancement of technology. He explains the visions held by “techno-utopiasts” and the “techno-armageddonists” before outlining his own devil-may-care perspective – even if machines outwit, destroy or replace humankind. Although his style is sensationalist, his argument is simple, frank and strangely compelling. getAbstract recommends this tongue-in-cheek exposé to those who wonder what sharing this planet with intelligent machines may mean.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What possible benefit a highly intelligent robot population could have,
  • How enthusiasts and skeptics differ in their scenarios of the future of artificially intelligent machines, and
  • Why humans shouldn’t be concerned either way.

About the Author

Mark Manson is an author and personal development consultant.



Technology is constantly advancing, and the rate of change is increasing. Computers are encroaching upon areas that people once believed to be exclusively human. They are learning more quickly than ever before. Artificially intelligent computers will probably be able to develop themselves further to a point where their own technological innovations will be beyond human comprehension. People tend to view artificial intelligence (AI) developments either with a gloom-and-doom attitude or unrestrained enthusiasm. Some believe AI will wipe out life as we know it, while others think computers will end such human problems as poverty and war.

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