In a Warming World, How Should Big Oil Navigate the Future?

In a Warming World, How Should Big Oil Navigate the Future?

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How can an industry that has turned into the black sheep of the green movement thrive in the economy of the future? A group of experts at Boston Consulting Group addresses this question in a report that is part of a series on the energy transition. Oil and gas industry leaders will find applicable advice in the strategic framework the authors lay out.


The public increasingly demands greater emissions transparency and government regulations for the oil and gas sector. Evolving technologies and consumer attitudes makes gauging demand for their products more difficult, and oil and gas companies may find it increasingly difficult to secure bank loans for new projects. To address these challenges, oil and gas companies must develop a comprehensive five-part strategic framework:

  1. “Developing a strategic response to the energy transition” – Energy producers can reduce global methane emissions by increasing energy efficiency, sealing leaks, investing in carbon-capture technology as...

About the Authors

Maurice Berns, Christophe Brognaux, Alex Dewar, Marco Duso and Bas Sudmeijer are senior experts at Boston Consulting Group. 

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