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In Thousands of Brain Scans, Group Seeks Clues to Diseases summary
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Imaging the human brain is an incredibly powerful tool to probe the mysteries of your most important organ. However, neuroimaging has a dirty little secret: it has been held back by a lack of sharing. Science journalist Giorgia Guglielmi gives a behind-the-scenes tour of a novel “crowdsourcing approach” to brain scans that is overcoming barriers to collaboration and supercharging neuroscience. getAbstract recommends this article to anyone interested in neuroscience or seeking a better understanding of the scientific process.

About the Author

Giorgia Guglielmi is a writer for Science magazine in Washington, DC. She holds a PhD in Biology from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany.



Brain imaging is expensive, limiting the number of brains each researcher can study.

When it comes to probing the secrets of the brain, more data is better. But the small number of brains that any one researcher can afford to examine using expensive brain imaging has held science back. Furthermore, sharing data among labs has been nearly impossible, given privacy concerns. An international collaboration called ENIGMA has overcome these challenges and has yielded important new insights into brain structure and disease.

ENIGMA has grown into a global collaboration.

ENIGMA is a ...

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