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Incentivize Creative Teams with Meaning, Not Perks summary

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Audrey Liu​​​​​​, Lyft’s director of product design, has a pet peeve: workers who focus on frivolous perks. This irritation sparked her mission to help her employees find true meaning – the ultimate incentive – in their work. With some strong language, Liu’s amusing and engaging rant provides concrete takeaways for human resources professionals and anyone seeking meaning in their work or helping others do the same.

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Audrey Liu is the director of product design at Lyft.


A growing trend sees employees prioritize fun and perks ahead of fulfillment and purpose at work. Companies try to retain talent by offering free food and on-site massages, for instance. But such trivial benefits encourage the wrong behaviors and detract from the pursuit of meaningful work. Moreover, work processes can deplete a deep sense of meaning. Today’s iterative design and manufacturing processes move companies quickly from launch to goal measurement to next launch. While this system may boost productivity, it discourages teams from taking the time to assess their impact. But when staffers can connect to the deeper purpose embedded in their work, they increase their accountability and foster dedication to their jobs and customers.&#...

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