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This engaging book is packed with effective advice to help you become the employee every company wants – one who generates more income than his or her salary. Learn to assess your value in your workplace, and use Larry Myler’s ideas to raise your worth even higher. Myler identifies cost-cutting and profit-making ideas, many of which you can implement the same day. He explains how to translate your suggestions into their sales equivalents – how many dollars the company must earn to match the savings you identify. Myler also offers advice for preparing a more effective résumé. In today’s volatile business environment, companies are cautious about whom they hire and retain. Be the employee they must have. getAbstract recommends Myler’s expert guidance and innovative suggestions to all who want to become indispensable.

About the Author

Larry Myler is a business strategist and the CEO of More or Less, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in profit enhancement through employee engagement..



Stand Out in a Tough Economy

Become indispensable at your job by generating more income than you cost. Do the following on a regular basis to become a highly valued employee:

  • Make effective cost-reducing suggestions.
  • Propose effective income-producing practices.
  • Streamline procedures to cut expenses and save time.
  • Improve your own productivity.
  • Recommend and implement ways to increase company cash flow.

Estimate Your Personal Value

Businesses use profit and loss (P&L) statements to track their worth. Create your own P&L statement to assess the value you offer your company. In the profit section, calculate the gross sales you make, the sales you help complete and the revenue you generate from hourly fees. Did you make a process more efficient? If so, how much did your modification save? How about mistakes you repaired and improvements you made in your own position? Add these up to attain your gross profit to the company. Then determine how much you cost your employer: your salary or hourly wages, commissions, bonuses, medical benefits, car allowance and so on. Include the value of the space you take up...

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    R. D. 7 years ago
    I am always looking for opportunities to increase my personal productivity and trying to do my job better than is expected and this book fits exactly with my needs. I am really excited to read it.