Summary of A Mile Wide or a Mile Deep?

The Diversification Opportunity Facing Private Equity

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A Mile Wide or a Mile Deep? summary
Several private equity firms have diversified, while others are sticking to their knitting, preferring to specialize.


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Several large private equity (PE) firms have widened both the scope of their activities and the volume of their assets under management through diversification. But expansion is not necessarily a panacea for all PE firms, and some may be better off remaining “pure-play” shops in a particular area. Consultants Antoon Schneider, Jens Riedl and Jeanne Chen of the Boston Consulting Group succinctly lay out the trends in private equity and what they mean for PE firms and their investors. getAbstract recommends this instructive article to financial services professionals and private equity specialists.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why some private equity (PE) firms have chosen to diversify,
  • Why others have opted to specialize, and
  • What factors PE firms might consider when deciding whether to expand or narrow their focus.


Some large private equity (PE) firms have taken a number of different routes to diversification, including expanding into minority stakes, venture capital, new geographic regions and industries, and alternative asset classes. Simultaneously, they’ve lessened their positions in leveraged buyouts (LBOs...
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About the Authors

Antoon Schneider, Jens Riedl and Jeanne Chen are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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