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Hollywood, High Tech, and the Future of Entertainment

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Coming Attractions? book summary
A path to the future of content industries like Hollywood can be found in past entertainment technology revolutions.


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Business consultant Philip E. Meza has done his research on the history of entertainment technology and the growing pains that have followed each innovation. Unfortunately, his slightly muddy larger concepts sometimes fail to justify the detailed histories that support them, sometimes making the book feel sort of padded. getAbstract says you need to read it anyway, if you are a content creator or decision maker in the media, entertainment or information industries. Meza provides real value by identifying a pattern in content companies’ resistance to the very changes that eventually help them. In two particularly utilitarian appendices, he surveys the technologies that are pressuring media companies and reviews the current state of U.S. copyright law. His analysis of the content industries’ lame responses to technological change and his prescriptions for the future are useful and insightful.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How each entertainment technology innovation goes through four stages, “Innovation, Ascension, Fear and Prosperity”;
  • How the history of entertainment technology reveals the flaws in current technological thinking; and
  • What content industries and companies must do to survive and thrive amidst today’s powerful tech forces.


Technology and Content
Today’s new entertainment technologies are more powerful than the ones they replace and more impatient; they break boundaries and reduce the need for physical means of content distribution, thus undermining business models that refuse to adapt. Until recently, technology...
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About the Author

Philip E. Meza, Stanford Business School research associate who co-wrote Strategic Dynamic, is a strategy consultant in a variety of industries in the U.S., Australia and South Africa.

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