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Corporate Treasury Insights 2015 summary
This up-to-date survey reveals what corporate treasurers want from their bankers.


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As companies grapple with an increasingly complex and volatile global environment, the role of corporate treasurer, especially at large multinationals, has evolved from that of a supporting actor to a strategic leader. Boston Consulting Group, along with BNP Paribas, surveyed 500 CFOs and corporate treasurers of large global organizations to learn what these executives expect from their bankers today. getAbstract recommends this concise but information-packed report to financial services professionals looking for timely insights from the corporate treasurer’s office.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the role of corporate treasurer has changed since the financial crisis,
  • What priorities and concerns treasurers have, and
  • How bankers can respond to treasurers’ needs.


Since 2008, when liquidity and risk issues grabbed multinationals’ attention, their corporate treasurers have assumed additional duties on top of their cash management and investment responsibilities, raising their strategic value to their companies. They now are increasingly in charge of debt, financing...
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About the Authors

Marguerite Burghardt, Marc Carlos, Jacques Levet, Suresh Subramanian and Chye Kin Wee are executives at BNP Paribas. Adrien Cipel, Stefan Dab, Nick Gardiner, Pedro Rapallo, Yann Sénant and Pieter van den Berg are consultants at the Boston Consulting Group.

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