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World Industry Outlook; March 2014


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Financial Services summary
The 2017 forecast for the financial services industry is mixed, at best.


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This Economist Intelligence Unit report predicts a mix of sun and clouds on the 2017 horizon for banks, insurance companies, asset management firms and capital markets, which must deal with sluggish Western economies and new regulations. On the bright side, developing countries may present great opportunities to resourceful providers. getAbstract suggests this perspicacious peek into the financial future to industry executives, analysts and investors.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the global financial services industry is faring,
  • What its prospects are through 2017 and
  • What challenges the industry must address.


The portfolio of the financial services industry is out of balance: Its major assets and activities are in developed countries, whose continuing weakness – due to aging populations, maturing markets and stagnating growth – will plague the industry through 2017. In contrast, enormous opportunities exist...
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