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The 3Rs of Retail Banking: Regulate; Revise; Re-Envisage

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Future Factors summary
Retail banking is changing, and bankers who remain mired in old ways of doing business will likely get left behind.


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While retail bankers are still coming to grips with new regulations, they’re also grappling with the technologies that will ineluctably change the face of banking. The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 208 global industry executives and reports that implementing digital strategies and strengthening new, more profitable businesses are increasingly in bankers’ sights. Meanwhile, technology “disruptors” could present challenges to the financial sector. getAbstract suggests this forward-looking study to financial industry professionals.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What issues and trends concern retail bankers today,
  • How those factors are likely to affect the retail banking industry to 2020, and
  • How financial executives can prepare for these changes and make their banks more competitive.


A December 2014 survey of retail bankers reported that regulatory pressures are easing, though big North American banks still cite them as a major concern. Overall, respondents believe that regulation and “changing customer behavior and demands” will have the greatest impacts on retail banking through...
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