Summary of Global Challenges in Asset Management

Emerging Markets Shift Gears


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Global Challenges in Asset Management summary
Opportunities in emerging markets challenge investors to take a more nuanced look.


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Investors had long considered emerging markets a single asset class, but no longer. Developing economies exhibit varying degrees of maturity, and the financing needs of governments and local companies increasingly find expression in a wider range of public market issuance. But currency volatility and liquidity problems stymie many asset managers. getAbstract recommends this recap of an Economist Intelligence Unit webinar for its succinct analysis on investment trends in emerging economies.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What risks portfolio managers must deal with in emerging markets,
  • How upcoming changes will affect developing economies and
  • What opportunities those changes could portend for asset managers.


In seeking “sustainable...risk-adjusted returns” among growing geopolitical threats, asset managers must deal with the impact of shifting monetary policies in the United States and Europe. These changes acutely affect liquidity in emerging markets (EMs), where, in 2013, news of the imminent end of the...
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