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How Algorithms Shape Our World summary
How much of your life is run by mathematical formulas you never see?


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Of countless algorithms influencing the world, many remain invisible. Game developer Kevin Slavin reveals evidence and examples of algorithms and explores their potential impact on humankind and even nature. His talk is fun and terrifying, conversational and witty. getAbstract recommends this lecture to anyone who is skeptical about the power humans have surrendered to factors beyond their control.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How algorithms influence our world and
  • How they can be dangerous


The role of math is changing. Math derives from the world but also can influence it – or more precisely, algorithms can. Simply put, algorithms are “the math that computers use to decide stuff,” and through continual repetitions, these mathematical formulas become solid and real.

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About the Speaker

Kevin Slavin co-founded Area/Code, a game development company that creates popular games like Drop 7.

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