Summary of How Fear of Nuclear Power Is Hurting the Environment

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How Fear of Nuclear Power Is Hurting the Environment summary
Society’s fear of nuclear energy is stalling the green revolution.


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After the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi disaster, several nations committed to ending their nuclear programs. Lacking an abundant alternative source of clean energy, this shift increased global dependence on fossil fuels. Instead of pandering to people’s fears of radioactivity and a nuclear holocaust, says climate policy expert Michael Shellenberger, governments should attempt to change society’s attitudes toward atomic energy. getAbstract believes Shellenberger’s cogent but meandering lecture neatly encapsulates the arguments in favor of pursuing a nuclear energy strategy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why, despite the escalation of clean energy, its share of overall energy produced has declined;
  • Why many people fear nuclear power and why their misgivings are unfounded; and
  • Why the world needs nuclear power.


Although clean energy is increasing in absolute terms, its share of total energy production fell from 36% in 1995 to 31% in 2013. Emerging economies’ growing dependence...
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About the Speaker

Michael Shellenberger co-founded the Breakthrough Institute, an environmental think tank.

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