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How I Defend the Rule of Law  summary
Does an unused law have power? Attorney Kimberley Motley uses Afghanistan’s own laws to fight injustice.


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Globalization means that “what were once individual problems are problems for all of us.” This is especially true in the field of human rights; protecting one individual protects everyone. Kimberly Motley shares some of her experiences of working as an attorney in Afghanistan, where the legal system is still finding its feet. She provides hope that the law can prevail, even in countries where depravity and lawlessness are rampant. getAbstract recommends Motley’s moving account to anyone interested in becoming a “global investor in human rights.”

In this summary, you will learn

  • How human rights abuses occur outside legal systems in many countries,
  • How litigators can work within systems by calling upon laws that stagnate on the books and
  • What everyone can do to invest in the “global human rights economy.”


When a man in Afghanistan couldn’t repay a $2,500 loan from his neighbor, a jirga, or tribal mediation with religious leaders and village elders, convened. The jirga resolved that the man should...
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About the Speaker

Kimberley Motley is the first Western attorney to litigate in Afghanistan’s courts.

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