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The robots have taken over the warehouse! This is not a sci-fi movie – it’s the Kiva System.


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When you gaze upon the inner workings of a Kiva warehouse, you may feel like you’re watching a futuristic sci-fi video. Square orange robots move seamlessly up and down the warehouse floor, fetching shelving units filled with items and delivering them to human packers. At the 2011 Wired Business Conference, Kiva Systems founder Mick Mountz explains the system to an audience that can appreciate its complexity and game-changing aspects. Mountz explains how Kiva employs robotics and complex algorithms to automate the “pick, pack and ship” industry. getAbstract recommends the video to computer geeks, robot enthusiasts, those in the warehousing or shipping business, and anyone intrigued by innovation.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How Kiva Systems is revolutionizing warehousing,
  • How the system works and
  • Why this innovation is a game-changer.


Kiva warehouses use robots and “dynamic,” “adaptive” algorithms to revolutionize “pick, pack and ship” processes. Throughout each warehouse, mobile shelving units, or pods, hold tens of thousands of items. Robots pick the appropriate pod and deliver it to human packers at stations on the floor’s periphery...
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About the Speaker

Mick Mountz is chief executive officer and founder of Kiva Systems.

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