Summary of How the Mysterious Dark Net Is Going Mainstream

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How the Mysterious Dark Net Is Going Mainstream  summary
The darknet is no longer home to just the sordid underbelly of the Internet; it is increasingly the stomping ground for legitimate businesses.


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A parallel Internet coexists alongside the mainstream Internet: The darknet is home to the sordid underbelly of the Internet, but it is increasingly becoming the stomping ground for legitimate individuals and businesses seeking privacy. Social media expert Jamie Bartlett explains this trend and predicts that mainstream society will increasingly gravitate toward the darknet. getAbstract recommends Bartlett’s humorous, persuasive exploration of the dark side of the greatest force the world has ever known.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the darknet evolved,
  • How it facilitates cutting-edge innovation and
  • Why the darknet is increasingly hosting mainstream businesses.


A shadow Internet, inaccessible from standard browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, hosts thousands of clandestine sites. The Tor browser, developed by the US Navy but now open...
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About the Speaker

Jamie Bartlett is the director of the Center for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos, a UK think tank.

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