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Industries in 2015 summary
Six major industries face a decidedly mixed 2015.


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The Economist Intelligence Unit offers a broad-brush view of the trends that prevailed in 2014 for six major industries and presents a wide-ranging forecast for 2015. While improving conditions have made most corporate leaders more optimistic, obstacles remain – among them China’s slowing growth, Europe’s tepid recovery and growing geopolitical tensions. getAbstract recommends this concise, forward-looking report to executives and investors.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What forces will shape the automotive, consumer goods, energy, financial services, health care and telecommunications sectors in 2015; and
  • How these global industries will affect national economies, and vice-versa.


A global survey of corporate executives uncovers mixed prospects for six major industries: Automotive – Vigorous expansion in 2015 may be elusive as China’s auto sales slacken, US sales drop slightly and Europe sees only a moderate uptick. Ongoing investment in electric vehicles and...
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