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Let’s Teach for Mastery, Not Test Scores summary
A new paradigm for education could ensure that no student gets left behind.


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Did you ever encounter a subject that was so difficult that you let it defeat you? Had you been allowed to work through your difficulties at your own pace, you might have excelled. In this entertaining presentation, social entrepreneur Sal Khan explains the logic behind “mastery-based learning,” a simple yet revolutionary education model whereby students engage in a topic until they fully grasp it and only then progress to more advanced knowledge. getAbstract believes Khan’s cogent lecture could teach educators and syllabus designers a thing or two about pedagogy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the current model of education is flawed,
  • How “mastery-based learning” can address the existing system’s shortcomings and
  • Why mastery-based learning will be critical in a post–information revolution society.


The conventional education model corrals students by age into classes and herds the scholars through new knowledge at the same pace. After two or three weeks of lectures and homework on a...
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About the Speaker

Educator and social entrepreneur Sal Khan founded the Khan Academy to make education free and accessible to all.

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