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Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age

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Out of Print book summary
A fact-filled look at journalism’s past and future: Journalism always experimented; today it needs experimentation to survive.


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Can journalism thrive in the digital era? The answer, British media scholar George Brock suggests, lies not with one business model but with many – including paywalls, sponsorships and philanthropy. Legacy media organizations can learn from online start-ups, which nimbly experiment with formats and funding models. Innovation fueled journalism from its beginnings, as Brock demonstrates in a comprehensive look at the history of the news. Brock, who writes from an English perspective, devotes two of his 10 chapters to how the British phone-hacking scandals damaged media credibility. He issues a stern warning to media executives: Organizations that fail to innovate will not be part of journalism’s future. getAbstract recommends his historical overview to those in and out the news business who believe that a free society prospers when journalism does.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How innovation fueled the growth of journalism,
  • Why experimentation is crucial to its future and
  • Why journalism must remain true to its core values.


Centuries of Experiments
How will journalism deliver the news in the digital age? Who will pay for it? How will the definition of “journalist” change and, for that matter, the definition of “news”?

Many mainstream news organizations won’t survive today’s digital transition...
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About the Author

George Brock heads the Graduate School of Journalism at City University London. A former reporter and editor at the Observer and The Times, he serves on the board of the International Press Institute.

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    David Forry 3 years ago
    This sounds like why I use getAbstract… “If information flows like liquid in and out of devices 24 hours a day, journalism’s value lies in something it has done before: sifting, distilling, taking the signal from the noise.” originally from George Brock in the book Out of Print.

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