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The Promise and Threat of the Internet

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Overconnected book summary
Does the Internet do as much harm as good?


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This original presentation covers the history, benefits, problems and possible solutions associated with the Internet’s expansion. Venture capitalist and author William Davidow is a Silicon Valley insider who convincingly argues that global interconnectivity greatly stresses political and economic institutions’ ability to police the Internet. His examples illustrate that recent economic crashes – as well as invasions of privacy, identity hacking and the proliferation of pornography – are all part of the Internet’s unregulated advance. Davidow warns that the Internet will impel bigger, more complex institutional breakdowns and economic manias, and that only increased government regulation can keep it in check. getAbstract recommends his cautionary report to those who study technology and those who use it.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why complex systems like the Internet inevitably produce serious problems,
  • What role positive feedback loops play in creating manias and
  • How the Internet has facilitated and promoted global crises.


Disruptive Networks
About 1.9 billion people used the Internet in 2010, making it the most effective communications mechanism in history. But the technology of this electronic communications process has developed so quickly, and people have become so interconnected that existing regulatory...
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About the Author

William H. Davidow, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, is the author of Marketing High Technology, Total Customer Service and The Virtual Corporation.

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