Summary of Social Media Strategies for Investing

How Twitter and Crowdsourcing Tools Can Make You a Smarter Investor

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Social Media Strategies for Investing book summary
Used smartly, social media channels are serious investment-research tools.


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One of the more important changes in investing is happening without the knowledge of many sophisticated investors. Social media, which some see as mostly founts of gossip and silly photos, are crucial sources of new investment information and insights into market sentiment. Wall Street analyst Brian D. Egger explains this emerging development, social media’s new role, and how the uninitiated can take advantage of social media websites and tools to become better-informed investors. He links the apparently innocuous social media moves of millions of people to specific trends that affect investors and explores the interconnectedness of almost everything in business today. getAbstract recommends Egger’s welcome personal-investing insights to traders and investors seeking a new research tool, to businesspeople investigating new avenues, and to anyone interested in media and business trends.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How social media-based investing changes investors’ information streams,
  • Which social media resources investors can use to improve their research and
  • How to use the investment-related features on specific social media channels.


A Breakout Tool
Social media channels have become useful, important indicators of market trends, the shifting sentiment behind market moves, individual company’s actions, policy changes and business trends. Publicly traded corporations show an increased interest in using social media ...
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About the Author

BreakingCall founder and former adjunct professor at the Columbia Business School, Brian D. Egger is a six-time Wall Street Journal “Best on the Street” analyst.

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