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The Ascent of Media book summary
People perceive the world through media, which influence every aspect of life.


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Media entrepreneur Roger Parry has written a worthwhile book that clarifies how early media forms influence the latest digital media, which shape your daily life and society’s perceptions of the world. Parry’s fascinating history helps you understand how the media affect your thinking and emotions. getAbstract warmly recommends this history of media to anyone who has read a book, watched a movie, listened to music, talked on the phone, attended a play or surfed the web. It contains hundreds of interesting, little-known details about every aspect of the media universe.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the 16 primary forms of media developed,
  • How they affect society and
  • What to expect mass media to be like in the future.


Media Evolution
For early humans, the communication of content – media’s essential purpose – was a direct activity. Unless you were close enough to hear someone speak or play music or to be able to see a painting, you learned nothing. Later, mediation via writing enabled communication ...
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About the Author

Roger Parry, an Oxford University visiting fellow, is the former CEO of Clear Channel International and chairman of Shakespeare’s Globe Trust.

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