Summary of The Auto Industry’s Real Challenge

While automakers pour millions into winning the autonomous vehicle race, they run the risk of ignoring the more imminent threats that could sink them before the technology becomes pervasive.


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The Auto Industry’s Real Challenge summary
Automakers must look beyond developing autonomous vehicles.


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Heavy investment in autonomous vehicle (AV) development may be blinding American automakers to more imminent, threatening challenges. PwC advisers Evan Hirsh, John Jullens and Ganesh Kalpundi explain why automakers must think beyond AV technology and focus on present obstacles – such as “increasingly restrictive emissions and fuel-consumption requirements.” Furthermore, the authors offer practical solutions for how automakers can successfully overcome these hurdles. getAbstract recommends this report to auto industry executives and strategists.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why automakers must focus on more than developing autonomous vehicles,
  • What challenges will affect automakers most over the next five to seven years, and
  • How automakers can overcome these obstacles.


US automakers are investing heavily in the development of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology in the hopes of cashing in on a new segment of the auto market sometime in the next five to ten years. However, problems with existing semiautonomous technology suggest that the advent of fully autonomous vehicles...
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About the Authors

Evan Hirsh and Ganesh Kalpundi are executive advisers and John Jullens is the emerging markets leader for PwC’s strategy consulting business Strategy&.

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