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The Future of Business Is the Mesh  summary
Possession may be nine-tenths of the law, but ownership is an outdated concept.


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According to an old expression, “possession is nine-tenths of the law.” But ownership is an outdated concept, says entrepreneur Lisa Gansky. She sees a future in the “mesh” – a new business model that leverages a consumer value shift away from product ownership and toward product access. Gansky deftly describes why the mesh is appealing and how it presents business opportunities. getAbstract recommends her lecture to conservationists, entrepreneurs, product manufacturers and consumers who want to reduce clutter and simplify their lives.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why society is primed for a “mesh” business model expansion,
  • What factors are critical for meshy business success and
  • Why sharing failure in the mesh is as important as sharing success.


A cultural shift is occurring. People are re-evaluating the concept of ownership and are beginning to realize that access to, not ownership of, consumer goods is what’s important. The “mesh” is “the pursuit of better things, easily shared.” For example, cars are expensive products that sit idle some...
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About the Speaker

Entrepreneur Lisa Gansky founded Ofoto, now Kodak Gallery, a photo-sharing and print service.

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