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The Future of Retail Banking in Europe book summary
While the euro has made European banking more transparent, everything else about its future has gotten murkier.


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The good news is that this tome provides tremendous detail about its subject matter, retail banking in Europe. The bad news is that you have to really want to know a lot about this specific subject to penetrate its lack of organization and awkward writing style. The information is abundant, particularly about the past, although the book doesn’t include insight about the future. European banking is full of threats, opportunities, reversals and challenges. It is subject to revolutionary reshaping by major political and economic events. Popular books don’t tend to get written about such esoteric subjects unless they are post-mortems on disasters. Given that, thinks this academic if thorough entry may be indispensable to people with a real need to know about the subject.

In this summary, you will learn

  • about the regulation and market structures of European banking.


Changes in European Banking
Factors driving change in European banking include The European Directives on Banking Supervision, the Basel Accord and the progress of integration of the European Union (EU). Technology, the Eurodollar and industry consolidation are opening new opportunities...
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About the Authors

Oonagh McDonald and Kevin Keasey are leading authorities in the field of European banking. McDonald is also the author of The Future of Whitehall, Parliament at Work, Own Your Own: Social Ownership Examined (The Fabian Series) and Swedish Models: The Swedish Model of Central Government. Keasey is also the author of Corporate Governance: Economic and Financial Issues, Repeated Financial Decisions: An Experimental Analysis, Repeated Financial Decisions: An Experimental Analysis, The Intelligent Guide to Stock Market Investment, Small Firm Management: Ownership, Finance, and Performance and Fortune’s Wheel: Uncovering the Wealth of Ages.

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