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Several factors make the Internet a breeding ground for conspiracy theories. Vaccine advocate Rénee DiResta packs this short talk with pertinent, sometimes amusing examples of modern conspiracies to prove her point: Ethics must take a more prominent role in the design of online platforms. If you’ve enjoyed the lectures and writing of design ethicist Tristan Harris, add DiResta’s presentation to your viewing list. getAbstract recommends this lecture both to social media users and to tech industry engineers interested in improving the integrity of online content.

In this video, you will learn

  • How social media can aid the growth of conspiracy theories,
  • How conspiracy theories affect the real world and
  • How social media platform designers can offset the damage of these far-fetched beliefs.

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About the Speaker

Renée DiResta is a founder and marketing director for Haven, a trade technology platform. She advocates for Vaccinate California and is a Presidential Leadership Scholar.


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