Summary of The Value Migration

Global Capital Markets 2016

Boston Consulting Group,

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The Value Migration summary
Other participants in the capital markets sector are forcing investment banks to change.


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This 2016 update from professionals at the Boston Consulting Group on the state of investment banking finds that the industry is fielding increased costs and more rivals for new income opportunities in the wider capital markets sector. This informative article succinctly presents the major challenges facing investment bankers, along with ideas on how they can remain on the cutting edge of their business. getAbstract recommends this report, written for financial professionals, for its astute take on an industry in transition.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why investment banks are losing ground to other entities in the capital market and
  • What areas banks should focus on to remain competitive.


In 2016, the capital markets environment is large and growing. Direct participants, intermediaries and IT providers interact in each of the sector’s segments: the primary market (for M&A and capital raising), the secondary market (for dealing and trading), and the post-trade sector (in which securities...
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About the Authors

Philippe Morel et al. are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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