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The Wonderful and Terrifying Implications of Computers That Can Learn summary


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It may sound like science fiction, but computers can now teach themselves, and machines’ capabilities are beginning to surpass human potential. The age of “machine learning” will present a wealth of opportunities but, says data scientist Jeremy Howard, the change will be enormously disruptive. His bountiful examples reveal that the machine-learning revolution is nigh. getAbstract suggests Howard’s fascinating though discomfiting oration to futurists, as well as to corporate leaders and social policy makers who wish to remain one step ahead of the game.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why computer programmers no longer need to be experts in the fields for which they write code,
  • How “machine learning” has evolved and
  • Why computers will replace humans in increasingly more jobs.

About the Speaker

Data scientist Jeremy Howard is CEO of Enlitic, a machine-learning company.



Programming a computer to execute a task used to require writing code that told the machine in minute detail what to do at each step, and you couldn’t develop a machine to do something you didn’t know how to do yourself. But in 1956, IT engineer

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    Dynamic Dylan 3 years ago
    Exciting times. Data from StarTrek and pre-Matrix on the horizon. Imagine these rise of "machine learning" was all part of earth's plot to have humans give earth consciousness through sand (silicon). Incredible times to be alive. Wonder what type of training I could develop together with a "thinking computer"?

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