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What Technology Wants book summary
Technology is alive and evolving. What will it become?


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In this fascinating book, Kevin Kelly, a co-founder and executive editor of Wired magazine, draws on a broad range of disciplines to make synthesizing observations about the relationship of technology to life. Unlike many contemporary writers, Kelly uses the term “technology” broadly. He isn’t just talking about the newest electronic gadgets; rather, he traces a history that reaches from chipped stone tools to the latest tech toys. Most readers will find some places where Kelly’s argument goes too far or slides past an objection, but anyone who dips into his treatise will find it compellingly written and vastly intriguing. getAbstract recommends this thought-provoking work to futurists, planners, innovators, and those interested in human nature and history.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How humanity and technology relate;
  • What technology is, does and wants; and
  • How you should act in relation to technology.


The “Technium”
Technology is so much a part of daily life that people take it largely for granted. Broadly defined, technology has driven humanity for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks used the term techne to name the human qualities of “art, skill, craft” and “ingenuity.” ...
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About the Author

Kevin Kelly, co-founder and executive editor of Wired magazine, also wrote Out of Control and New Rules for the New Economy. He runs the Cool Tools website where readers review gadgets.

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