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Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power summary
Civics isn’t a dusty, boring classroom subject. It’s the sexy wielding of power to effect change.


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At one time, civics was sexy. These days, however, mention civics and you’re likely to get a big yawn. Civics educator Eric Liu seeks to change this perception because, as he deftly explains, civics really involves power dynamics and the wielding of influence. getAbstract recommends this powerful talk to anyone who is itching to effect positive change.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What civics involves,
  • How “power illiteracy” abdicates control to a self-serving minority and
  • Why cities are the perfect venue for the “art of practicing power.”


Talk of civics bores most people. Yet civics can regain the allure it held during the American Revolution and the Civil Rights Movement, for example. Civics concerns wielding power. It...
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About the Speaker

Eric Liu is the founder of Citizen University, which teaches the art of effective and creative citizenship.

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