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Innovation Nation

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Innovation Nation

An American Innovation Agenda for 2020

Business Roundtable,

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The United States needs a national strategy to maintain its innovation edge. 

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Innovation has long been America’s crucial asset over its global economic and military competitors. But is America’s competitive edge waning? A group of CEOs representing major US companies warn that other countries may soon catch up if the United States fails to act. In an in-depth report, the CEOs outline what measures the United States needs to take to remain the world’s greatest economic power. Though written with the United States in mind, any government in the world can use the report’s policy recommendations to boost innovation and secure its country’s long-term economic competitiveness.


America’s prospects for long-term economic growth depend on the country’s ability to innovate. To avoid losing its international edge in innovation, the United States must introduce a national innovation policy agenda based on five principles:

  1. “Invest in people” – To innovate, companies need a highly-skilled workforce. The US government can build the necessary foundation by investing in public education – especially science and math subjects – and workforce development programs. Furthermore, the United States must make it easier for companies to hire foreign talent.
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A group of CEOs of major US corporations formed the Business Roundtable to promote pro-business public policy.

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