International Politics in the Arctic
A review of

International Politics in the Arctic

Contested Borders, Natural Resources and Russian Foreign Policy (Library of Arctic Studies)

Russia in the Arctic, and in the World

by David Meyer

Arctic expert Geir Hønneland offers a collection of essays detailing conflict, identity, and the likely future of Russia and the West in the Far North

Building on years of research, political scientist Geir Hønneland presents a primer on Arctic issues and Russia’s geopolitical intentions that seems all the more relevant since the latter’s invasion of Ukraine. The wildly prolific Hønneland – whose specialties are Arctic international politics and Russia’s role in the area – offers a set of previously published articles on environmental protection, resource management, nuclear safety and ocean governance, all filtered through his expert knowledge of the Far North. 

Though you might think Hønneland writes for a niche audience, you’d be mistaken: He provides an engrossing exploration of the Arctic’s future and, by extension, that of the planet. And no one, it seems, can match Hønneland’s expertise in the region.

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